The Hatta region, which falls under Dubai municipality, came into the spotlights lately with great news for hikers: the completion of the first phase of the “Hatta Hiking” project, which aims to inspire avid hikers and mountainbikers.
This first phase covers a 9km and 3 km path.

It is true that Hatta has not really been highlighted as a hiking/biking destination.
Panoramic views may not be that spectacular as in the Ras Al Khaimah mountains and walks may be less adventurous and adrenaline like.
But surely, the Hatta region is a wonderful area for “all level hikers”, less dangerous. less risky. And plenty of historical and natural attractions.

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And now we can only hope some affordable lodging will be set up that area…


Hatta Heritage Village, where the trail passes through.
Hatta Dam where the first nine kilometer trail ends. A second three kilometer track begins there as well. This trail goes around the hills near this dam.